"The future is purchased by the present"
— Dr. Samuel Johnson

Comprehensive Search and Recruitment Services

The PANZARASA GROUP is a leading provider of full-service staffing solutions and consulting to a select list of clients throughout the United States. We offer a professional, timely and strategic approach to your staffing needs: As your industry partner we consider each assignment an important component of our relationship. We work hard to achieve success every time. This caring and tenacious approach is why clients keep coming back.

Search and Selection Process. We utilize the following in-depth and personalized process to conduct each search:

  • Needs analysis and strategic recruiting plan development;
  • Position profile development;
  • In-depth candidate research, screening and interviewing;
  • Interview planning and qualified candidate presentation;
  • Client and candidate interview debriefs;
  • Confidential reference checks;
  • Counter-offer consulting;
  • Offer preparation and closing; and
  • Client and new hire follow-up.

Confidentiality. We offer discreet search services to protect your company's confidentiality.

Placement Services

We believe our company is an extension of yours. A candidate's first impression of your company often comes from us.

To provide you with the highest level of service, we only work with a few select companies at a time. Our research capabilities, industry expertise, extensive database, network of contacts and determination allows us to find the top talent that best fit your particular requirements:

We place top-level, senior-executive candidates and top performers in critical mid-management positions with backgrounds matched specifically to your key positions. In addition we place highly skilled professionals in the creative, technical, sensory, regulatory, sales and marketing disciplines.

Engaging Us

The PANZARASA GROUP takes pride in its contractual offerings. Our flexible options include:

We offer searches on a contingency or a priority basis, giving you the power to set the pace of the search yourself. We all live with an ever changing economic climate and we want to do whatever we can to ensure you feel your company’s dollar has been well spent.